After working as a photo editor and director for a national magazine. I decided to embrace my first true creative passion : painting. As a child, I found nature a vast canvas of color, shapes, and composition. I would spend lots of time building miniature landscapes with twigs, leaves and moss. Nature has so much to offer both in the artistic side in every aspect of our life.
My paintings are translations of visual and non-visual influences synthesized into images that take form from various aspects of experiences. I choose to boldly expand the image beyond the traditional picture plane. It's my relationships and anything that affects me directly and indirectly consciously and unconsciously. There's a constant tug of war embedded in the organic undulations in my work. The shapes are comforting, yet dizzying; fluid, yet stagnant; organic, yet abstract; delicate, yet obsessive.
Acrylics are my primary medium, my paintings are about making the paint, pencil, and brushes work. It's about me continually improving the technique.  For you, I hope my paintings arouse a memory or feeling from within. I hope you allow them to create a story, any story you choose to make up and be a part of your life.
Curriculum Vitae
Currently, I live in San Diego after relocating from New York. I have a BFA from Montclair University in Montclair  NJ, and I have an Associate Degree in Photography from School Of Visual Arts, New York City. I am presently a student at UCSD where I am working towards a certificate in Arts and Humanity.
Past exhibitions: 
Exhibitions in the 30th Street Gallery in San Diego
Current displays: 
Be Seen Optics in La Jolla, San Diego 
Vista Library in Vista, CA

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go". ~T.S. Eliot
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